Twitter Thread: Biquette The Goat Rocking Out With Punk Bands

Sometimes, you see something on twitter that simply makes you stop briefly. Like when we saw that video of a dolphin flipping out over Mariah Carey’s high note , or when we saw that photo of reindeer whose antlers were painted with reflective paint to enable individuals to see them much better when driving, or that other photo of a mouse-deer that appears like a severely drawn pet dog .

Some things on twitter simply make you show and stop on life. And the 2 images we saw of Biquette the goat rocking out with punk bands made us do simply that. She lived the life of a star. After getting saved by a group of punks, she chose to join their way of life, and she had 10 long years of partying and being typically incredible.


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Written by mettablog

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