Twitter Thread: Clifford The Big Red Dog Is Real

How numerous of you enjoyed the animation ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ when you were little? If you never ever saw it, do not stress, the name is quite self explanatory for what it had to do with. In any occasion, we were certainly tickled pink, or paw-haps we must state red, when we state this exceptionally adorable doggo on our timeline who looked much like Clifford the huge red pet dog! We’ve included a lot of pet dogs this month, from a wild polar bear conference sled pets to a lady and her group of winter season doggos , however this Clifford fellow is so charming!

As you’ll see from these very amusing tweets, doggos can be sweet goof , and Clifford the huge red canine raises additional wacky undertones for individuals. We understand it’s a bit early for your weekly dosage of charming , however technically speaking this isn’t that, it’s more like a precursor …. Without more ado, we hope you delight in the extremely disorderly cuteness of this smol red pet dog cosplaying as Clifford for the vacation season!


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