Twitter Thread: Funny Meme-able Doggo Serves Looks

It’s not every day that you come across something on the interwebz that is really one of a kind, for instance, a lot of canines as golden characters . When you do, you have to share it with all of your fans, and that is precisely what twitter user @iwpiws did after stumbling upon a really unbelievable doggo! You see, this puppy was born to design, and has a remarkable series of facial expressions which he utilizes to serve looks all day.

From celebrations to company conferences, this small pupper was born to sit, remain, and rollover, all while owning the spotlight! He’s providing us variety, he’s offering us style, he’s providing us stagecraft! Thanks to social networks, we can all value this pup’s raw skill together! Keep scrolling if you wish to get an excellent laugh and delight in some doggy skill:


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