Twitter Users Show Off Their Pets With Humorous Human Names

Hi there ICanHas-ers! Where are all of our caring and dedicated family pet owners today? We understand you’re out there in strong numbers. ~ You all raise your hands from behind your computer/phone screens. ~ There you are! Well, today we’ve got something that you might or might not discover very relatable. Let’s see! There is no limitation to the series of odd names individuals provide their animals, however today we discovered a wonderful Twitter thread of family pets with … routine old human names. And it is wonderfully amusing.

They are the best, most identified, lovely, and fine-tuned . The classiest of animals rock the most timeless names, and a great deal of those names tend to be extremely human. What we’re concentrating on today is the respected nature of strangely amusing human names twitter users offered their animals as shown in the Twitter thread listed below. Let’s examine ’em out.


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