‘U were late and then you asked the staff to switch you tables and then u spilled a drink?’: TikToker says Bumble date accused her of ‘causing a scene,’ sparking debate

 A TikToker went on a Bumble date.

In a viral TikTok published on Dec. 12, Ray (@blacknbitchy) informed the story of her very first date with a guy she fulfilled on Bumble, resulting in an argument of whether she ought to be blamed for destroying the date.

Ray stated she appeared to the date “a bit late” and after that asked to be transferred to a cubicle table since of back problems that were brought on by a cars and truck mishap. When moving into the cubicle, she inadvertently toppled a glass of water with her coat.

” I do not like when individuals trigger scenes,” she stated her date informed her after the water spilled.

” Cause a scene? I spilled a glass of water,” she stated in her TikTok. Ray left the dining establishment quickly after her date’s remark.

The TikTok got over 113,000 likes and was seen 910,000 times. And commenters were staunchly divided about Ray and her date’s habits. The TikToker made 25 videos reacting to remarks.


In her follow-up TikToks, Ray exposed that the guy is 38 , and she is 24 . She states she did not “ make a huge offer ” about changing tables, her date understood about her health concerns , she was 20 minutes late , which after the date, she took herself out to supper . She likewise stated that the guy unrivaled her on Bumble after the date.

Most of the remarks she responded to remained in assistance of how her date asked or acted to learn more about the circumstance.

” U were late and after that you asked the personnel to change you tables &&then u spilled a beverage?” user @vegan_batgirl composed . “Well that’s 3 frustrating strikes within the very first 10 minutes.” In reaction to the remark about changing tables, Ray stated she has a disabled license plate and placard.

” I ‘d be hella irritated,” @leddleleddledee blogged about Ray asking to be seated at a cubicle. The TikToker called the remark “immature.”

” Texting while you’re running late does not negate you being late,” @cleavlandparksquirrel commented . “I ‘d rather you be on time then get minute by minute updates about your arrival.”

Other commenters concurred with how Ray translated the circumstance.

” For everybody making reasons,” commented @therealashleybga, “Regardless of being late or asking to move—– no factor he must imitate that in any circumstance.”

” His reaction to glass of water spilling is [a warning],” @aletoledo066 composed.

” Don’t let these fools gaslight you,” @whitneymadueke composed of the other commenters. “He might have been upset however his usage of words &&failure to have compassion/grace is [a warning] … not worth it!

” Boy bye,” commented @diondelynn_619. “NEXT!!!”

The Daily Dot has actually connected to Ray by means of TikTok remark.

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