Utah Protesters Claim Hospitals Are Killing People Who Have COVID

Greg Johnson is basing on the corner of State Street in rural Salt Lake City, Utah, holding a nicely stenciled indication that states, ““ COVID-19 Protocols Killed My Uncle.” ” Behind him looms the Intermountain Medical Center, the biggest health center in the area. Johnson is among about 30 individuals who’’ ve pertained to object Saturday due to the fact that they think that the healthcare facility is killing individuals with the coronavirus by putting them on ventilators, injecting them with the anti-viral Remdesivir, and declining to provide intravenous vitamin C or the deworming drug Ivermectin.

It’’ s the current in the continuous COVID-related demonstrations that have actually turned up because the start of the pandemic, as homeowners have actually battled mask and vaccine requireds and lockdowns in a state that has actually enforced couple of public health limitations. For a while in 2015, Utah had actually left the worst of COVID that throttled locations like New York. That’’ s altered, as huge swaths of the population declined the vaccine and the more infectious Delta variation has actually swept through the state.

Only 66 percent of Utah locals over 12 have actually been immunized, which is on par with the rate nationally, however that figure drops closer to 30 percent in numerous rural counties where cases have actually been increasing. Healthcare facility ICUs have actually been performing at capability considering that the late summertime, as the variety of clients being dealt with for COVID has actually leapt 300 percent given that June. Simply in the week ending October 15, 75 individuals in the state caught the infection, and the Utah Department of Health approximates that in the previous month, unvaccinated individuals in the state were 12.6 times most likely to pass away from COVID than immunized homeowners.

Stephanie Mencimer/ Mother Jones.

The deaths, nevertheless, aren’’ t altering the minds of the most dedicated anti-vaccine activists and others included with regional ““ patriot ” groups. After effectively warding off most mask requireds in schools and somewhere else, they’’ ve turned their focus to the healthcare facilities, where unvaccinated individuals have actually been showing up with COVID and finding that the health center won’’ t provide the malaria tablets or horse dewormer they believe will conserve them even as they decline tested treatments.

Johnson, an electrical engineer who operates in the medical field, states he’’ s ready to lose his task due to the fact that he declines to get immunized. He has actually never ever been to a demonstration in the past, however he found out about this one from People’’ s Rights, the group established by the reactionary activist Ammon Bundy , who’’ s now running for guv of Idaho. Johnson states that a month back, he was playing golf with his unvaccinated uncle, Dale Grant, a week prior to Grant was hospitalized with COVID. He states physicians offered his uncle Remdesivir, which Johnson thinks damaged his kidneys. Grant’s child required that the health center provide Grant intravenous vitamins, however already, Johnson states, it was far too late. Prior to he got COVID, Johnson states, his 82-year-old uncle was as ““ healthy as an ox.””


He states he likewise lost another good friend to the infection 3 weeks earlier. This time, the healthcare facility put his buddy on a ventilator, which he states ““ ruined his lungs and he passed away.” ” So now he ’ s in front of the medical facility attempting to spread out the message that medical facilities eliminate. Johnson states he ’ s not anti-vaccine; he and the other protesters are simply “thinking about’flexibility of option. “ We ’ re not oblivious individuals, ” he states.”“We ’ re simply questioning why it ’ s not OK to concern. ”


The reception to the demonstration is combined, as vehicles reoccured from the medical facility– or en path to the Costco next door. Some individuals beep in assistance. A couple of individuals scream profanities and call the protesters science deniers.

A spokesperson for Intermountain Healthcare composes in an e-mail, ““ Activities such as this are extremely frustrating to the brave physicians, nurses, therapists, and other health care employees who have actually worked relentlessly throughout the pandemic to serve our neighborhoods.”

.““ Activities such as this are really frustrating to the brave physicians, nurses, therapists, and other health care employees who have actually worked relentlessly throughout the pandemic to serve our neighborhoods.”.

Similar demonstrations were slated for health centers all throughout the state Saturday, consisting of one in St. George, in Southern Utah, where protesters have actually been galvanized by the story of an anti-vaccine activist who lost both of her moms and dads to COVID last month. Kasandra Leavitt is a popular component on the regional anti-vaccine circuit as the motorist of the ““ fact truck, ” a customized Ford pickup dressed up with huge digital signboards that show messages like ““ Big Pharma is Making a Killing,” ”” Mass Non Compliance IS THE only method to END THIS” or” Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates for Prison 2021.”

Over the previous couple of months, she has trailed a regional pharmacist who runs a state-supported mobile vaccine center. When he establishes to immunize individuals, Leavitt appears in her truck with signboards cautioning of vaccine side-effects or marketing screenings of ““ Plandemic, ” ” the slick 26-minute video that went viral on Facebook in 2020 and declares a deceptive cabal of elites was utilizing the coronavirus to take control of the world.

Earlier this month, Leavitt declared on Facebook that the IHC healthcare facility in St. George had actually eliminated her moms and dads, who passed away within minutes of each other in late September. She composed that when her mom went into the healthcare facility, the medical professional prepared to put her on a ventilator and administer Remdesivir. ““ I provided him a Big Hell NO,” ” Leavitt composed. In reaction, she composed, the physician informed her that he was going to compose ““ Do not resuscitate ” in her mom’’ “s chart, asking, “ Is that what you desire? ” She states the physician then notified her that if she didn’’ t wish to follow the procedure, her mom didn ’ t get approved for ICU care, and he moved her to another flooring of the medical facility to pass away without getting Leavitt’s treatments of option, such as IV vitamins and the deworming drug Ivermectin.

““ Why do health centers reject tested treatments? Reject clients IV vitamins?” ” she continued in her Facebook post. ““ This is a really dark time in the history of health care. The equivalent of medical malpractice. They overtreat with fatal drugs. Remdesevier and ventilation. The medical facility will then under reward wait and see the client pass away if a client declines this procedure. It’’ s barbaric, bad medication.””


An IHC representative stated the healthcare facility might not talk about the case due to federal personal privacy laws. “Intermountain Healthcare offers the very best possible look after all our clients based upon accepted evidence-based practice standards from the medical and clinical neighborhoods,” he stated.

At the Salt Lake City demonstration, a variety of individuals inform me that to actually comprehend the healthcare facility scenario, I require to listen to southern Utah talk radio star Kate Dalley. Dalley’’ s reveal airs daily on the Fox News radio station in St. George, and she declares her podcast has actually drawn 3 million listens. Practically every significant anti-vaccine activist has actually appeared, in addition to garden-variety conspiracy theorists like Trump confidante and ““ stop the take ” activist Roger Stone.


In August, Dalley aired a program detailing how she apparently conserved her diabetic partner from homicidal healthcare facility personnel when he got “COVID pneumonia.” She declares he went into the healthcare facility with very low oxygen levels after the Ivermectin he was taking didn’’ t remedy him. (It was simply too low a dosage, she concluded.) Medical professionals wished to put him on a ventilator. Rather, he went out of the ICU after simply three-and-a-half days due to the fact that when he was confessed, she had actually required that the medical facility offer him enormous, intravenous dosages of vitamin C. She supplies directions on her site for individuals who wish to combat a health center COVID procedure, consisting of suggestions like, ““ Don ’ t let them do Remdesivir. It can trigger organ failure,” ” and “ REFUSE THE VENT. Over and over and over and over. Be company. Be great. Be company.” ”


Protesters on State Street Saturday echoed Dalley’’ s theories about ““ what is in fact eliminating individuals in the healthcare facility.” ” Several informed me that the healthcare facility had a monetary reward to put individuals on ventilators since it gets far more federal cash for the treatment than it would for, state, vitamin infusions. The spread of such concepts has actually produced more headaches for Utah’s frontline health care experts than simply the hassle of a couple of protesters welcoming them at the health center gates.

.““ We ’ re seeing hate in theireyes.”.

In September, the medical director of Park City Hospital in Summit County, which has the greatest vaccination rate in the whole state, informed the county health board that clients entering the healthcare facility with COVID were acting really in a different way than they had in the past. ““ We ’ re seeing hate in their eyes,” ” Dr. Wing Province informed the board, according to the Park Record . Doctors and nurses operating in the overloaded ICU were handling hostile clients who frequently didn’’ t think they were contaminated or required unverified treatments. Some had actually even ended up being violent since they thought, as the protesters do, that the healthcare facility was attempting to eliminate them.

““ We had a gal who was available in whose oxygen levels were seriously low, to the point where she might almost pass away if we didn’’ t provide her oxygen, “Province stated.” And as our nurses went to her help to place on oxygen, to put in an IV, and attempt to support her, she being COVID-positive, spit in our nurse’’ s deal with, kicked our nurse in the chest with her foot, and scratched all the service technicians and everybody else that were can be found in to attempt to put in an IV.” Since medical professionals declined to offer the client Ivermectin, ” He explained a client who left the healthcare facility early versus medical guidance whose household is now taking legal action against IHC.

The individuals objecting at IHC this weekend are primed to sign up with the health center resistance must they fall ill. One female using American flag cowboy boots who decreased to offer her name informs me, ““ The procedure ’ s in fact eliminating individuals. They won’’ t provide individuals Ivermectin. The majority of individuals getting COVID today are immunized.””


A protester outside the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, October 16, 2021.

Stephanie Mencimer/ Mother Jones.

As she lectures me about the evils of vaccines, which she thinks likewise trigger autism in kids, a Costco buyer called Daniel Rodriguez visits to get a much better take a look at her indication. “’“ ’” My body my option, ’ ” he checks out aloud, and after that informs her, “ My option is to get immunized. ”


He informs the lady and her good friend that his child operates in the medical facility and has actually seen first-hand all individuals passing away from COVID. He and his other half had actually been contaminated in 2015 by their five-year-old granddaughter. ““ My granddaughter practically eliminated my spouse,” ” he discusses.

One of the anti-vaccine activists asks Rodriguez if he’’ s from Mexico. When he states yes, “she excites, “ I purchase my Ivermectin from Mexico!” ” She then continues to inform him about the drug’’ s declared advantages for avoidance of an infection that she declared was launched by people ““ to hurt us. ” She and her good friend continue to pound Rodriguez with anti-vaccine and “pro-freedom” propaganda.

He listens pleasantly, and later on informs me he spoke to all of the protesters on the walkway after seeing their indications. He informed them he concurred that they deserved to prevent masks or vaccines, however, ““ You may get someone ill. You wear’’ t have that.”


“ You need to make certain you ’ re doing the ideal thing,” ” he informs me.”“ They ’ re not.”


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