Vegan Navratan Korma

Restaurant-Style Baked Vegan Navratan Korma made in the oven using just one dish! Tofu and veggies in rich cashew cream sauce served with chopped nuts and raisins! Serve with rice or naan. Glutenfree , options for Soyfree and nutfree

a bowl of vegan navratan korma served with pita bread

Continuing with amazingly delicious Indian recipes and converting them to casseroles! Navratan korma: This saucy nutty multi texture dish is a personal favorite of mine and perfect for festive occasions. It usually takes multiple steps and pans. But With this 1 casserole version, it is much easier to make on a weekday.

In the Hindi language, “;Nav”; means nine and “;ratan”; means a jewel. So the English translation of navratan korma is nine jewels, which in the dish mean nine main ingredients(not including spices :)). Korma or kurma (South Indian version) comes with various sauces and textures and is a dish that is traditionally made with cream or yogurt, nuts, and seeds. Navratan Korma also has pineapple and pomegranate. Kurmas are lighter and often feature coconut, poppy seeds and other ingredients.

This thick and creamy white Korma is preferred in Indian restaurants in India and some more traditional/authentic restaurants outside of India. Indian restaurants anywhere else in the world can serve either the cream version or a tomato cream version.

chopped nuts and chili flaked being sprinkled over creamy Navratan Korma

I use tofu and veggies in this Korma. It gets baked, not cooked so it is super hands-off. The baked version reduces the steps and the pans needed significantly. We bake the veggies and the sauce ingredients together in one casserole dish and then add the cream base ingredients and mix it in and bake again and done! When making this on a stovetop, you”;d have to toast the spices, make the sauce separately, cook the veggies separately, and then mix everything and cook again, then toast nuts in another pan for garnish.

I add a touch of tomato purée to add a hint of color and to cut the overall heavy creamy flavor with a bit of tang. Read the recipe notes for most substitution questions.

This recipe is adapted from the white Navratan Korma from my Indian kitchen cookbook.

a bowl with creamy Indian Navratan Korma sprinkled with chili flakes

Why you will love this vegan Navratan Korma!

all the authentic flavor and less work
It”;s baked in 1 Dish! When made on stovetop, you”;d have to toast the spices, make the sauce separately, cook the veggies separately, and then mix everything and that means several pans
Its rich and decadent and perfect to serve for special occasions
its not spicy hot. It”;s a creamy sweet curry
Serve it with my stuffed Naan for a memorable meal
You can add more tomato purée for a creamy Tomato korma
Change up the veggies for variation. Use chickpeas to make soyfree
You can make it without nuts! See recipe notes
You can make it without onion and garlic , see recipe notes

Navratan Korma served in a bowl with some pita bread and sprinkled with nuts


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