Vegan Stovetop Meat Lasagna (Skillet Lasagna)

Vegan Meat Lasagna made in one skillet -; a vegan spin on classic Italian Lasagna cooked on the stove! No baking required! An easy One Skillet pasta dinner your family will love! Gluten-free option included.

vegan meat lasagna with vegan bolognese made in a black skillet

Pasta lovers, this easy Vegan One Skillet Meat Lasagna is going to be a new fave dinner for you. I”;m obsessed with one skillet dinners like this Stovetop Lasagna! Easy preparation and quick clean up – check and check. This vegan spin on classic lasagna bolognese makes the perfect weeknight meal. It is family-friendly, uses just 1 skillet, and is ready to eat in about 45 minutes!

a plate of vegan lasagna sprinkled with chopped parsley

Preparing Lasagna on the stovetop is a lot quicker than making a regular lasagna in the oven and there will be way fewer dishes to clean than with a traditional lasagna as we skip the bechamel part. This also means that there is no layering needed which cuts down on prep time dramatically. Those lasagna sheets just go in with all the other ingredients. All the other ingredients being simple pantry staples like marinara sauce, Italian herbs, onions and garlic. After the popular French onion skillet lasagna and the spinach Alfredo skillet lasagna, this is your classic red sauce and meat skillet version!

If vegan meat crumbles or veggie crumbles aren”;t your thing, you can easily substitute with cooked lentils. I prefer the crumbles as they make the dish feel like totally authentic Italian comfort food, but both options work nicely.

a plate of one skillet vegan lasagna bolognese


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