Vervet Monkeys Love Cats As Much As Humans Do (Video)

Hi buddies! We human beings have an unique fondness for 4 legged feline buddies. Felines can be outstanding pals, listeners, and support group for numerous a human. It’s well recorded that rubbing a feline helps in reducing human tension levels–– however obviously, it has the exact same result on a troop of vervet monkeys, who have actually embraced a number of regional strays.

This group of Ververt Monkeys residing in a rehab center has actually likewise taken a preference to the regional roaming felines. Even after efforts to eliminate the felines from the enclosure, they constantly discovered their method back to their monkey pals. The love goes both methods. These monkeys are getting their zen on and these roaming felines are seeming like queens and kings being provided additional attention by their caring good friends.


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Written by mettablog

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