‘Very thankful that my booty was not his focus’: Gym TikToker thanks man for not staring at her butt while she does squats, sparking debate

 3 images of a lady doing squats at the health club, with a male sitting behind her

A video from fitness center TikToker Libby Christensen that went viral after being published on Jan. 1 reveals her squatting on a workout device. A guy sitting behind her on a bench looks down at the ground.

” I simply require to scream out this guy who lagged me while I was hack squatting,” Christensen composed in the video’s overlay text. “I was so uncomfy that I was being gazed down however really glad that my booty was not his focus.” She even stated that enjoying the video back made her feel “at ease.”

Christensen’s video, which she coupled with The Golden Girls signature tune, was seen practically 4.5 million times and overcame 416,000 likes.


Some commenters on Christensen’s video lit up the lengths that they go to make sure that they are not gaze at other gym-goers.

” When I’m in this position at the health club I need to relocate worry of the lady thinking I’m a creep,” composed @user3738789367919. “The unpleasant sensation goes both methods.” Christensen reacted, “It’’ s hard to evaluate individuals intents.”

” Especially when all of us walk in silence!” she commented.

User @dominicdevitis enhanced the point. “There’’ s more people doing whatever they can to make certain it’’ s really clear they ’ re not gazing at females in the health club,” they commented.

While others kept in mind that the male in Christensen’s video might not have actually wished to be recorded, a variety of commenters revealed that Christensen’s own attire was to blame for her sensations of pain. To fight those remarks, @ashleymatteson5 composed that a lady’s attire has absolutely nothing to do with how comfy she feels when exercising.

” I seem like a few of y’’ all won ’ t be pleased till women are using sweats &&a turtle neck to the health club,” they commented. Christensen concurred, “Even then it’s inadequate.”

The Daily Dot connected to Christensen by means of e-mail.

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