Vikings: Valhalla’s Freydis True Story & History Explained

Warning: SPOILERS for Vikings: Valhalla season 1

With Vikings: Valhalla comes a myriad of concerns concerning its historic level of sensitivity, like how precisely Freydis’ ’( Frida Gustavsson) story is represented in the long-awaited Vikings spin-off. The program discovers itself focused around the fallout from the St. Brice’’ s Day Massacre in which King ÆÆ thelred the Unready (Bosco Hogan) bought the deaths of all the Danes in England on November 13, 1002. A year later on, Canute (Bradley Freegard), the King of Denmark, combines the Vikings in order to get into England in an act of vengeance. While the intrusion is among the main stories of Valhalla, Freydis Eriksdottir starts her period on the program with an individual objective of vengeance. Considered that Valhalla has actually taken some innovative liberties with its storytelling relating to other matters throughout this timeframe, it’’ s time to pull apart the truth from the fiction when it concerns Freydis, among the program’’ s most interesting characters.

Vikings: Valhalla includes numerous strong female characters and among those is one based upon the real-life Freydis Eriksdottir. After Freydis exacts vengeance versus the Christian Viking who raped her and sculpted a cross into her back, Jarl Haakon (Caroline Henderson) orders Freydis’ ’ bro, Leif, to combat for Canute in his intrusion of England in order to settle the ransom put upon Freydis for what she did. Freydis’ ’ story plays out on Kattegat, exposing more about who she is and what she is capable of. She is the sibling of Leif, the child of Erik the Red, and a proficient shield-maiden who can look after herself. Like much of Valhalla’’ s loose historic precision , there are some essential information left out about Freydis.

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The real-life Freydis is pointed out in the 2 Vinland legends composed throughout the middle ages period: the Saga of the Greenlanders and the Saga of Erik the Red. Freydis truly was the child of Erik the Red, however there is some contrasting info relating to whether she was Leif’’ s complete sibling or half-sister. Freydis is not called a shield-maiden in either of the Vinland legends, however she fits the costs quite well and is typically described as one today. Valhalla overlooks a fair bit of who Freydis actually was more than likely in an effort to much better have her fit within the currently rather fictionalized story.

By consisting of Erik the Red in Vikings season 6 , Valhalla’’ s character list was established to include his kids, Freydis and Leif. Nordic surnames include the dad’’ s given name with a suffix of either “ -kid ” for a male descendant, or “-d óttir ” for a female descendant. In the Saga of the Greenlanders, Freydis was stated to be the complete sibling of Leif, however in the Saga of Erik the Red, she is his half-sister. Regardless, it is at least concurred upon that she is the child of Erik in any case, however just how much blood she shows Leif is up for argument provided the contrasting details in the 2 legends. Erik the Red just had one recognized partner, ÞÞ jódhild Jorundsdóttir, however it is possible that Freydis was the outcome of an affair Erik might have had with another female. Still, her relation to Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson is particular.

Shield-maidens, female Viking warriors , are surrounded by their own folklore. While some historians think ladies battled along with guys throughout this time, others have actually stated that there isn’’ t sufficient proof to recommend that this holds true. Freydis has actually never ever precisely been particularly identified as a shield-maiden in any of the legends, however her actions in those legends hint that she was definitely efficient in holding her own. In the Saga of the Greenlanders, she murders 5 females when her other half declines to do the deed. In the Saga of Erik the Red, a pregnant Freydis uses up the sword of a fallen Viking and drives off the Vinland locals by increasingly pounding the sword versus her breast in a display screen of strength. By all accounts, she was brave, and simply as enthralled with experience and magnificence as any male Viking of her time.

Vikings: Valhalla’’ s Leif Eriksson is practically indistinguishable compared to his real-life self and unfortunately, the exact same is rather real for his sibling Freydis. The child of Erik the Red was a force to be considered according to the legends she is pointed out in, however those tales are especially excluded of the program. According to the Saga of the Greenlanders, Freydis took a trip to Vinland with 2 males, Helgi and Finnbogi, with whom she had actually negotiated to share whatever wealth was obtained from the journey. After the 3 faced a number of disputes, Freydis informed her other half, a guy who is not consisted of in Vikings: Valhalla’’ s characters at all, that the 2 guys had actually beaten her which he needs to eliminate them on her behalf, therefore he did. When he declined to eliminate the females in the camp, she took up an ax and did it herself. Due to the fact that of her actions, and her unconventional way of life, she had a rather troubled relationship with her sibling, Leif, which is not the case in Valhalla.

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The Saga of Erik the Red illustrates Freydis as having actually concerned Vinland on an exploration, just to be assaulted by a group of locals. The other Vikings start to leave, however Freydis holds her ground, driving back the locals even while 8 months pregnant. Vikings: Valhalla’’ s timeline doesn ’ t appear to cover this story in any method, either. Rather, Freydis ’ journey in the program is triggered by a sexual attack she sustained by a Christian Viking. Offered the callous nature of numerous Vikings throughout this time to those they thought about outsiders, it is not out of the concern that this might have taken place to Freydis, however it is not something that was consisted of in any of the legends she is discussed in.

The developers of Vikings: Valhalla and its predecessor, Vikings, have actually never ever billed the programs as being especially traditionally precise. In various methods, it jumbles the real-life occasions to much better fit the program’s stories, instead of remaining real to what is understood about this time. Freydis’ ’ course mainly takes a look at Valhalla’’ s battle in between Christianity and Norse pagan beliefs, a battle that is continuously raised throughout the program, and her character works as a method to even more explore this. Despite the fact that there are 2 legends that discuss Freydis, they remain in dispute with one another, so it is difficult to state simply just how much of her real story was altered and why in the very first location, considering it’’ s a little uncertain just what her historic backstory even involved. As is typically the case with history that was not taped all that specifically, the developers have actually crafted their own story for her character. It’s one that permits her to not just have an acceptable relationship with her sibling, however that likewise permits her to pursue a love interest, Harald Siggurdsson, expected future King of Norway , which obviously includes a juicy, albeit imaginary, layer to the story.

Though Valhalla has actually used its imaginative license to the maximum, they do illustrate Freydis as a strong female, simply in an extremely various method from the stories informed in the legends. Her character serves the story well and she plays a substantial function throughout. Freydis’ ’ real story might never ever completely be exposed in contemporary times, however Vikings: Valhalla does honor the legends’ ’ representation of her undeviating decision.

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