Virtual Assistant for CEO

You need a virtual assistant for CEO right now because you’ve reached the point in your online business where you can’t do it alone. As a matter of fact, you need to outsource tasks immediately.

Over the years, I’ve assisted several CEOs as a virtual assistant, and I still do. I’ve also witnessed interesting things happen few months after I start working for them.

I’m sure other virtual assistants can attest to this too.

What happens shortly after months of getting hired is that I start to notice an interesting growth pattern in my client’s online business.

Gradually, we start getting more orders, more customer signups, better organic reach, and a wider online presence.

It didn’t take me long to reflect and find out what’s responsible for this.

From one client to another, I observed the actions and circumstances that led to this change and I came up with an answer.

I looked for other reasons besides the one that I arrived at, but there was no other.

This had to be why the pace of business picked up after tasks were delegated to a virtual assistant.

Here’s the reason.

The CEOs that I worked for as a virtual assistant suddenly had time to work on only high revenue-generating tasks while outsourcing all low-impact and administrative tasks to me.

That sums it up.

Up until the time of making a hire, the brand executives have been handling every activity from emails, social media marketing, content writing, editing, graphic design, and have had little time to spend on strategic and powerful tasks as a CEO.

Those strategic tasks are their core area of strength and are often what only they can do. Most times, these same tasks are responsible for making the most impact on revenue in a business.

Think about the 20% of activities that generate 80% of results.

Filling in the role of every team member made the CEO have little time for tasks that move the needle and little time for personal and family life.

Ultimately, this leads to slow burnout and loss of control over business and life.

Are you going through something similar?

If yes, you must’ve noticed that if you don’t act fast by outsourcing tasks to a quality virtual assistant, there’ll be a limit over your output, which will ultimately affect your earnings.

It’s like there’ll be a roof over the growth of your online business because there’s only so much you can do alone.

You can only go so far by running your online business as a one-man show.

The next level of growth will require that you assume a supervisory role over the virtual assistant(s) that you delegate all the time-consuming, low-value tasks.

This will free up your time and allow you to concentrate on doing the high-impact activities only you can do.

Besides, virtual assistants are far cheaper to hire than regular employees since you won’t need to provide office space, internet connection, computers, or go through any tax paperwork.

A virtual assistant for CEO has all the working equipment needed to swiftly carry out all outsourced tasks efficiently.

And that’s where I come in.

Need a Virtual Assistant for CEO? Hire Me

Having years of experience as a professional virtual assistant, I’m able to execute those time-consuming tasks efficiently, enabling you to focus on the activities that matter most.

I’ll take off all the work bogging you down to avoid slow burnout.

To get started, you can send your inquiry and hire me right here.

What I’ll Do for You As a Virtual Assistant for CEO

what virtual assistants can do

Virtual assistants are a lot like personal assistants, only that they operate remotely. Plus, they’re cheaper to hire.

They come with their own set of skills which I’ll go over below.

Beyond that, however, the beauty of having a virtual assistant as a CEO is that you can train them to perform all tasks that are peculiar to your line of business.

And guess what, the virtual assistant will go over and beyond to execute those tasks just like you.

It’s not enough for us as VAs to simply perform tasks. We observe your preferred working style and unique approaches when doing the simplest of things.

That’s the way I operate with my clients, and if you want to have a taste of that, you can hire me right here.

Having said that, let’s go over the activities that a virtual assistant can do for you as a CEO:

Email marketing

Behind every successful online business, is a powerful email marketing funnel running behind the scenes.

Any task that doesn’t require your personal experience or skill is perfect for a virtual assistant.

And email marketing fits the bill perfectly.

An email marketing virtual assistant can start by creating email campaigns for events like your welcome series, sales campaign, and follow-up campaigns.

Not only that, a VA can implement email segmentation to make sure that your audience only receives the information that they’re interested in.

Your business likely touches on more than one helpful topic, with a lead magnet offer for each of those topics.

That means that the audience on your list is of mixed interests.

The tricky thing about this is that grouping all of them together under one umbrella and sending the same message will increase your unsubscribe rate, as most of your audience will keep receiving email content that they aren’t interested in.

The key to solving this is to segment your email subscribers into different lists and send emails based on the opt-in form they signed up with.

A trained virtual assistant with a background in email marketing will segment your lists, design all opt-in forms, and integrate them with your automated email campaigns.

Having a background in blogging, with an active email list of my own, I’m well able to handle all the technical details of building and managing an email list, without you juggling with that.

From A/B split testing to testing for the time and day for the best open and click-through rates, you won’t have to get your hands dirty with your email marketing funnel.

You can see all that you’ll expect when you get yourself an email marketing VA.

Calendar management

High-level executives require a certain level of calendar management to increase productivity daily.

At a point in your business growth journey, the number of daily activities you do can rise to the point where work hours start eating into your free time.

As you get drained from handling all the tasks on your plate each day, you’ll find that winging it isn’t the best option.

A virtual assistant for calendar management can set order to your chaotic corporate life.

Setting up meetings and arranging appointments in your calendar isn’t the only thing a VA can do for you.

More importantly, they determine the appropriate timeframe to take between appointments and meetings, to enable you to get enough rest and preparation in-between.

Different tasks and appointments in the calendar can be distinguished by color-coding based on categories.

For example, urgent tasks can be marked as red and the non-urgent ones can be marked with a green or amber color.

The best virtual assistants employ proven tips to manage calendars for clients, so you can be sure to experience a more organized day after hiring a virtual assistant.

Data entry

Most online businesses are required to process and enter data frequently if the operational workflow is to remain organized and productive.

Where they get it wrong as the owners are by handling it themselves, or adding it to the job description of the sales and marketing team.

Every department in your business was created for a core purpose. And as such, employees would feel underperformed if you make them abandon sales campaigns and focus on entering CRM data or some other data records.

A data entry virtual assistant will not only accurately organize and enter all data records, but will also convert selected data from one format to another.

To ensure that you maintain data consistency with the highest level of professional data entry, you’ll need to get yourself a virtual assistant for data entry.

Content writing, editing, and publishing

Every online business is powered by great content, especially text and video content.

Creating blog posts for your brand helps you get more SEO traffic, as brands that blog usually have 434% more traffic from search engines like Google.

When hiring a virtual assistant to create content for you, it’s best to go for one that has a background in blogging with a proven track record of published posts that rank on Google.

It’s important not to skip this part because you don’t just want to create a post merely for brand awareness and for social media, you want that post to rank on Google for a keyword with decent monthly traffic.

You want a blog post that attracts blog visitors on its own from Google and other search engines.

Simply put, you want an SEO-optimized blog post created regularly for your brand.

Who else is better for this job than a virtual assistant with a proven record of creating blog posts that ranks favorably on Google?

Having gathered SEO experience in blogging over the years, I’ve ranked a good number of my blog posts on Google for their target keywords.

Check out my blog post for the keyword, “transcription virtual assistant” that’s ranking on page 1 of Google.

image for ranking of transcription virtual assistant post

Here’s another blog post that’s ranking on page 1 of Google for the keyword, “virtual assistant for CEO.”

virtual assistant for ceo search ranking

I’ve got other posts that rank on page 1, page 2, and others still sit pretty on page 3 for their target keywords.

I’m very much able to create high-quality content that’ll rank well on Google for you.

To get started, you can hire me for my SEO-optimized content writing services.

Order processing

Processing orders is a prime example of those tasks that you don’t necessarily have to do yourself, yet it’s time-consuming.

A successful online business will usually have client orders flocking in. Handling these orders is a purely administrative task that any trained personnel can do.

You don’t want to find yourself with little or no time to attend to high-impact activities in your online business because you were occupied all day with administrative, low-impact tasks.

A virtual assistant for CEO will not only process and handle all client orders efficiently, but will also keep track of all orders, assign the execution of orders to appropriate team members, send an invoice to clients, and just get those tedious workloads off your chest.

The result?

You’ll buy back your time and focus it on growing your business instead of just running it.

Customer support

The disposition of your customer base towards your business can grow or crash your online business.

Happy customers get the word out about how your business solved their problems, thereby bringing in more paying customers.

Disappointed and angry customers go online to write negative reviews about your business, generating bad press for you and turning away future customers.

At the current level of your business, chances are that there are so many tasks clamoring for your time and you’re sacrificing some aspects of your online business for them like customer service.

You can avoid this slippery slope by bringing in a customer service virtual assistant to handle the support desk for you, as it’s safer not to downplay the importance of customer service.

Instead of stressing yourself by handling phone calls, live chat, and email inquiries, you can delegate them to a VA.

Your virtual assistant can create templated email messages to respond to recurrent inquiries about your business, so as to cut out the time it takes to reply from scratch.

All issues that your customers have such as refunds, suggestions, complaints, can be professionally handled by your customer service VA.

Not only that, but your virtual assistant can also follow up on promising leads, especially those that abandoned your shopping cart.

Transcription services

The work of transcribing audio and video files to text files is a perfect job for a virtual assistant.

It’s one of those tasks that take up a lot of time and can be done by any trained assistant.

You’ll need to get a transcript file prepared if you make a video course, podcast, interviews, or meetings.

Fortunately, you can simply delegate this job to a transcription VA and focus your energies on more important activities.

A professional transcription virtual assistant will follow through on speed and accuracy when getting your file transcribed.

They’re likely to spend less time struggling to pick out words because of the difficult accents since they’ve trained their ears over the years.

What this means is that you’ll get your transcribed document delivered to you in record time and free of misspellings or errors.

Most people prefer their transcribed files to be in a PDF document. Whether you want it in a Word doc, TXT file, PDF document, you can rest assured that your transcription VA will deliver it to you in your preferred format.

Since the virtual assistant will be privy to sensitive business information when transcribing, all information is sure to be kept confidential.

Flight management

Travelling is one activity that requires lots of planning and coordination to make it a success.

You could find yourself spending the next couple of weeks just making your travel arrangements, with little or no time for yourself while your business suffers.

The antidote to being caught up in this web of busyness and stress that can lead to breakdown and potentially ruin your travel experience is by getting a virtual travel assistant.

Instead of dissipating your energy on planning the flight alone, wouldn’t you like to just walk into your pre-booked flight and relax, knowing that every travel detail has been taken care of?

With an online booking tool, your virtual assistant can book your flight, plan your itinerary, and streamline communication so that you and everyone on your team can be on the same page.

You wouldn’t need to worry about currency conversion when you reach your destination because that has been taken care of.

After making a hotel reservation for you, your travel virtual assistant will book a ride from the airport to your hotel to save you the stress of commuting.

All you need to do is to tell your VA your budget so that your entire travel will be planned around that budget.

When that’s done, take a step back, relax, and watch your virtual assistant make your travel experience the most memorable one ever.

Onboarding new team members

The process of hiring and onboarding a new team member can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

That’s a sizable amount of your time spent whenever you bring in someone new.

What if you could just delegate the entire hiring and onboarding process to your virtual assistant?

You can show your VA the sites to post a job offer like Upwork, train them on what to look out for when hiring, let them get familiarized with your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), then move back and focus on other things.

Imagine how productive you would be if all non-essentials in your business is outsourced.

Imagine how fast the growth of your online business would turn out to be.

You’ll only need to hire and onboard your VA, train your virtual assistant on making new hires, raise him in your place, and allow him to hire and onboard the rest of your team members.

How to Onboard a Virtual Assistant as a CEO

Finding the right hire for your business is hard enough.

What will influence your VA to stay and maximize input, however, is the quality of the onboarding process.

Onboarding covers all the steps involved in integrating new hires into an organization.

The presence or absence of this step can alter the eventual efficacy and duration of a new virtual assistant.

As a matter of fact, employees who take part in an onboarding process are more likely to stay with an organization for three years.

Let’s quickly go over the short onboarding process for a new virtual assistant:

Gain complete mastery of the tasks you want to outsource

You might be wondering why you need to master the tasks you’re about to outsource to your VA.

The reason is simple.

It’s because you’re about to create a training manual for your virtual assistant.

Learning and mastering the task afresh gives you a beginner’s perspective when making training for your VA.

It eliminates subtle issues that might creep in like the “curse of knowledge,” where you leave out simple information because you feel everyone should know it.

If you don’t know the tasks you’re about to outsource in and out, it’ll be practically impossible to create a detailed, step-by-step guide that your VA will find helpful.

After you’ve mastered it, you can move on to the next step.

Create a training manual and screencast recordings

Creating a training manual for your virtual assistant is easy when you’ve mastered the tasks you’re about to delegate.

It’s even better when you create a screencast recording of yourself doing the task.

Speaking from experience, I get accustomed to a job faster when clients make a screen recording of themselves performing the tasks.

People easily learn well with videos than with text.

To even sweeten the training program, you can create a text-based Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for your VA that contains all the necessary steps they’ll need to carry out their job for easy, future referencing.

Having done this, be prepared to get relieved as your VA surprises you by executing the job the way you would’ve done it.

Create a company email address for your VA

This is an optional step, but it’ll ensure that you’re in control of the email access permissions of your VA.

In the unlikely case that you’re letting go of a virtual assistant, you can restrict future access to your business by disabling their work email.

Aside from being in control of access permissions, it’ll give your brand a professional feel if your VA sends messages to your customers using a work email, rather than a personal email.

Provide all necessary access and tools for your VA

There’s a high chance that your virtual assistant would need proper permission to project management tools and other online storage services like Google Drive.

You can provide access before they need it to reduce back and forth exchanges and speed up the workflow.

Using project management tools helps everyone on your team to track and monitor the state of activities. This will also be a good time to introduce your VA to everyone on your team.

Monitor the initial performance of your VA

The first few weeks of working with your virtual assistant will come with slight frictions and mistakes.

You’ll need to correct your virtual assistant on some things and add it to your SOP to avoid it repeating itself.

This won’t be for long, though, as your VA will catch up on the pace and preference of your working style, and you’ll both find a working rhythm.

Reasons You Should Hire a VA for CEO

A virtual assistant provides benefits to an entrepreneur in the form of accelerated business growth, better family relationships, and healthier emotional well-being.

Here are a few reasons why you need a virtual assistant as a CEO:

Faster business growth

Some activities impact the growth of an online business more than others.

More often than not, those high-impact activities are done by the business owner who possesses the skills essential to the business.

With a virtual assistant around to cater to low-value, administrative tasks, the business owner suddenly finds time to solely focus on those tasks that move the needle, resulting on an increase in growth and revenue.

That’s the first and most basic advantage of hiring a virtual assistant – the ability to buy back your time and channel it into productive areas.

Puts you in control of your business once again

It’s easy to be in control of your business at the starting point of your online business.

As your business takes off, however, tasks will get overwhelming. An aspect of your online business like emails, customer support, orders, and inquiries, will grow wing of its own.

You no longer have a life of your own as your business places a demand on the major chunk of your time.

A virtual assistant for CEO helps you regain that control back, free up time for you, and allow you to have a birds-eye view of your business.

You can now step back, reflect, and innovate systems and workflows in your business, something you couldn’t afford to do before a VA came into the picture.

Reduces employee expenses

It’s far easier to hire a VA than a regular employee.

Not only that, but it’s also three times cheaper to hire a virtual assistant than an employee, as virtual assistants can save you up to 78% on operating costs in a year.

Bringing in an employee means that you’ve got a ready workplace, internet connection, computers, and other working equipment.

That’s not the case with a virtual assistant.

All VAs supply their working needs by themselves as they work from home. You won’t have to worry your head about that, neither would you have to worry about any paperwork on employee tax regulations and contracts.

Replacing employees with virtual assistants cuts out any workplace drama, as there’ll be no excuse to come late to work, stay longer than usual during breaks, and things like that.

This makes virtual assistants efficient, and perform way better than employees.

Allows you to finally fulfill your role as a CEO

Running your online business as a one-man show requires that you fill in all the positions of your team members.

You draft the content calendar, make research, write the blog post, edit, publish, source for images, do a little graphic designing, record your videos, record podcasts, transcribe, and do basically everything yourself.

Having a virtual assistant taking care of that allows you to fall back into the position of CEO.

For once, you can spend a significant amount of time on strategic thinking, striking powerful collaborations, and pushing your business forward.

Want a Virtual Assistant for CEO? Hire Me

I’m willing to be your virtual assistant, working behind the scenes to ease the workload of your business and reduce overwhelm.

To get started, you can send your inquiry and hire me right here.

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