‘We used software to enhance his visibility’: Travis Scott’s former manager claims rapper faked streams to launch career

 Shane Morris talking on TikTok

Travis Scott’’ s previous supervisor, Shane Morris, published TikToks about his experience dealing with the rap artist following the fatal occasions at the Astroworld celebration on Friday.

In among the videos, he stated that he was running the music publication Earmilk when he satisfied Scott. Morris stated that when he began dealing with Scott in the early days of the rap artist’s profession, he assisted pump up the artist’s streaming numbers on SoundCloud to assist him get seen by record labels.

He stated he assisted Scott and his group do something comparable to aid with his engagement on Twitter. “We utilized software application to boost his presence by means of the incorrect methods,” Morris stated in the video, which has actually accumulated over 458,000 views considering that it was published on Sunday.


Scott has actually been at the center of a media firestorm this previous weekend following the deaths of 8 individuals throughout his efficiency on Friday. According to several outlets, consisting of the New York Times , Scott motivated his fans to “rave” triggering a crowd rise with individuals tipping over one another.

With Scott in the news for his celebration, Morris consulted with the Daily Dot about the claims he made concerning his part in pumping up Scott’s numbers on SoundCloud. He wished to highlight that this is an enduring practice within the show business, particularly among more recent djs and artists.

Back in the early 2010s, “SoundCloud didn’t actually have a tight grip on their controls for restricting bot traffic,” Morris informed the Daily Dot. It was simple for him to set up a system of bots that might get Scott anywhere in between 10,000 to 25,000 streams per day.

Morris stated that he would work with a Mechanical Turk—– a remote employee discovered through an Amazon market —– to go and develop phony burner Gmail represent him that were put onto a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, providing him the capability to “release virtual devices on DigitalOcean and run little fast circumstances of Ubuntu in the cloud.” This suggests that Morris had the ability to put the tunes he wished to pump up the streams of on a playlist and create 10s of countless streams, making it appear like it they were originating from genuine accounts.

At the exact same time Morris was apparently bumping up Scott’s streaming numbers, Scott was starting to get included in music blog sites like HipHopDX and Two Dope Boys. “It wasn’t like anyone would bat an eye due to the fact that Travis is on Two Dope Boys so it makes good sense that his tune has a quarter million plays now,” Morris informed the Daily Dot. “But the truth was of those quarter-million plays 30 to 40,000 were genuine and another 200,000 were fabricated.”

The exact same was done to get his Twitter engagement bumped up. Morris stated that he got bots to mass follow Scott on Twitter and had the ability to preprogram them to repost and like so that he had real engagement. In the video speaking about the “tea,” Morris stated there was a joke that his “early fans might make an omelet due to the fact that they were all eggs.”

Morris himself has actually been a topic of debate throughout the years. He has actually been implicated of impersonating previous Panic! at the Disco member Ryan Ross online along with lying about discovering a heroin brick on Twitter.

The remarks area of Morris’s video was flooded with a flurry of allegations that he is to blame for the deaths of the concertgoers due to the fact that, without his assistance, Scott would not have actually been popular. “So you developed this mess at first ???!!!” a single person commented, “Had y’ all not fabricated his numbers, he ‘d be no place and [8] individuals would live.”

This is something that Morris confessed to thinking of, “What would have occurred if I had not addressed that e-mail in 2009? Would individuals’s kids still live today?” He stated he understands that his part in assisting make streams for Scott is “salacious” and individuals have an interest in it however would desire individuals to concentrate on assisting the victims. He informed the Dot, “my choice is that individuals highlight the stories of the households and the victims and inform their stories.”

The Daily Dot connected to agents for Travis Scott.

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