Weirdo Cats Choosing To Sit In Absolutely Ridiculous Positions (Tweets)

Everyone understands that felines have unique superpowers? From fitting crazes they are too huge to suit to stating ‘heck no’ to gravity. Felines do not care about concealing their powers like we would. They reveal them off as they should. Felines reveal it to us by arbitrarily going viral for climbing up the walls like a spider or by all of a sudden appearing in random locations that we have no hint how the handled to reach without teleporting.

And felines’ capability to stabilize and sit in locations is unequaled on a various level. There are few animals out there who not just have the capability to do it however in fact select to being in the most absurd positions and locations. Oh, felines, no matter how odd you are, we enjoy each and every single feature of you.


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Written by mettablog

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