‘Welcome to Taco Bell. Is there a reason you’re recording?’: Drive-thru worker confronts TikToker who tried to make a wings reaction video

 Taco Bell wings response drive through

A viral video reveals a drive-thru employee facing a TikToker who is attempting to make a Taco Bell wings response video.

User Chelsea Ne’Kole is a TikTok and Youtube material developer. While attempting to tape a Taco Bell chicken wings response video for her YouTube channel, the drive-thru staff member objected that she didn’t wish to be taped.

” Welcome to Taco Bell. Exists a factor you’re taping me?” the staff member states.

Captioned, “Y’’ all be safe out there,” the 41-second video got over 41,900 views and 6,107 likes because it was published 5 days back.


Taco Bell launched a one-week run of fried chicken wings recently to combined evaluations. The web instantly gotten on the wagon, and response videos to Taco Bell wings began trending throughout YouTube and TikTok.

In Chelsea’s video, she is bring up to the Taco Bell drive-thru and informing an employee that she is recording a response video.

” I’m doing a YouTube video,” Chelsea states. “I’ll do an order of the chicken wings.”

The drive-thru employee presses back. “I do not feel comfy with being tape-recorded,” the employee states.

” I’m simply tape-recording the audio,” Chelsea reacts.

” I do not feel comfy with my voice being tape-recorded,” the employee reiterates.

Many of the 498 commenters supported @iheartchels_93 in making her response video.

” Nah she simply had a mindset,” user @triceyscott stated.

” I would’ve neglected her and put my order,” @tubyaa included.

But some commenters kept in mind that the drive-thru employee had a right to decline to be tape-recorded in her video.

” I do not believe she was disrespectful,” user @smileyshante stated. “She stated she wasn’t comfy.”

” Maybe she simply didn’t wan na be tape-recorded,” @theshellygrace composed.

According to Chelsea’s Twitter account , she’s situated in Mississippi. The state permits an individual to record audio and video record if they exist for the recording.

The Daily Dot connected to Chelsea and Taco Bell for remark by means of TikTok message and e-mail, respectively.

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