‘What’s with the need to publicly shame her online?’: TikToker blasts Subway worker for wearing bracelet while making sandwich, sparking debate

 A Subway employee making a sandwich.

A Subway client’’ s TikTok calling out an employee for using bracelets while making food has actually stimulated dispute amongst audiences.

User @sandielew shared the video, which revealed a number of workers of the franchise lined up and creating sandwiches. The clip focused on one employee in specific, who had many bracelets hanging from her wrist in a method that plainly didn’’ t sit well with the TikToker.


“ Her bracelet was rubbing all over the bread and dipping in the containers as she reached components,” ” she edited the video.


The 8 seconds revealed put on’’ t have the employee grabbing any components, however her bracelets do appear to be brushing up versus the bread as she makes the sandwiches.


Across the web, there’s a continuous argument about what level of service it’’ s OK to anticipate at a lunch counter . The employee’s precious jewelry touching the food consistently didn’’ t review well with audiences, either.

““ That is a health code infraction!” ” user @laceyk54 composed. ““ Not expected to use fashion jewelry when dealing with food.””


The Food and Drug Administration restricts employees from using any hand or arm precious jewelry other than for a wedding event band while preparing food.

““ Yeah that ’ s certainly versus requirements,” ” @cherieannrojek567 concurred.

““ All I can consider is her utilizing the washroom,” ” @eibolmd composed.

But others revealed disappointment with @sandielew’’ s choice to pity the employee online, contributing to growing anxiousness about the treatment of low-paid employees.

““ Then state something to her, speak with her supervisor,” ” recommended @matt. yesc. ““ What ’ s with the requirement to openly embarassment her online? Great deals of much better methods to manage this.””


The TikToker responded to a number of dissenters, stating that she did explain the concern to the staff member however that she didn’’ t take the bracelets off, simply attempted to prevent having them touch anything. And while she didn’’ t consume her sandwich, she states her spouse still enjoyed his—– and they spent for both all the exact same.

The Daily Dot connected to @sandielew by means of TikTok remark.

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