‘When you authorize $900 of food stamps to someone who doesn’t work’: Viral TikTok sparks debate about government welfare

 TikToker processes food stamps in viral video

In a TikTok published on Friday, TikToker Lilly Ramirez (@lillyy_ram) states she licensed food stamps for “somebody who does not work and simply purchased a home.” In the video, she offers the cam the side eye and utilized a TikTok noise that mentions, “It should be great. I’m tryin’ to get like you, my young boy.”

Ramirez consisted of the hashtag #EligibilityWorker in the TikTok’s caption, suggesting that she works to authorize whether individuals get federal or state advantages, such as insurance coverage, social security, support programs, and food stamps. Her clip has actually gotten more than 117,000 consider as of Saturday.


Many of the discuss Ramirez’s video reveal displeasure for those on food stamps.

” That’s the issue with this nation sadly,” composed @dio_214, the leading discuss Ramirez’s video.

” [Federal government] assistance needs to be momentary,” commented @ibeth_lbc89. “3-4 years max, that’s sufficient time to get return on your feet if you’re truly having a hard time.”

” The quantity of individuals who finesse the system is insane,” commented @itsthatseazon.

Ramirez reacted to a handful of talk about the video providing her viewpoint on various circumstances in which somebody was authorized for food stamps that other users provided in the remarks area.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service , a household of 4 has the ability to get practically $900 dollars in food stamps each month, at optimum. When it pertains to dealing with food stamps, “unique groups” are qualified to be exempt from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s (SNAP) work requirements, like kids, senior citizens, pregnant individuals, and “individuals who are exempt for psychological or physical health factors.”

There are likewise completely various eligibility guidelines for handicapped or senior SNAP receivers.

Comments on Ramirez’s video likewise referenced the intricacies of how somebody may be qualified to get food stamps while not working and having simply purchased a home.

” Never evaluate,” composed @torresfamilyvibes. “You never ever understand their scenario.” Ramirez reacted in arrangement.

” We the [individuals] need assist,” commented @xoxoxoklaney. “The battle is genuine. All of us require shelter&&food.”


Ramirez likewise commented specifying that your house in concern might have been a present to the food stamp recipient.

According to another viral TikTok about food stamps, often receivers aren’’ t familiar with simply just how much they have actually gotten in SNAP advantages. TikToker @cam_kamera had the ability to purchase food for the holiday thanks to her food stamp card.

The Daily Dot has actually connected to Ramirez.

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