Wholesome Recollections Of Rescue Cats Building Trust With Their Humans

Adopting a rescue is no simple task, but it can be one of the most wonderful experiences! It is truly so rewarding when after months of caring for a previously feral or stray cat, you get a glimpse of the thankful feline expressing a little bit of love. Cats in general are known for taking a while to warm up to their humans and they tend to be very cautious creatures. There’s this totally unjustified stigma out there that cats don’t actually love their humans, but every single cat owner knows otherwise. Cats can be incredibly affectionate. They just have their own weird ways of expressing it. 

Building trust with your fluffy felines is no casual task, especially if they have a rough history or used to be a stray. The cats discussed in this heartwarming Reddit thread all came from difficult pasts but were given a second chance. Now, let’s enjoy the heartwarming stories of rescue cats building trust with their humans and slowly but surely, expressing love in their own unique ways.



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