With 1.9M YouTube followers, how digital influencers Abhi and Niyu are creating content for a better world

Around the ever-expanding world of material, here’’ s a duo that ’ s winning hearts by taking a trip, questioning, speaking with, and most notably, storytelling.

Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha and Niyati Mavinkurve, likewise called Abhi and Niyu, are digital material developers who make solution-based material and have a huge following of 1.9 million on YouTube and 2.1 million on Instagram.

 Abhi and Niyu

Abhi and Niyu|Source: Abhi and Niyu’s Instagram: @abhiandniyu

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Niyati states that their journey began when Abhiraj, who was a filmmaker, began developing content to reveal his vision with his videos in 2017. He wished to talk with individuals, collect some interviews, and check out various locations.

After they got wed, Niyati began appearing in his videos and ultimately she entered it on a full-time basis.

Talking about their decision-making procedure in regards to material, Abhiraj states that it is not one individual who calls the shots.

““ It resembles a financier ’ s fulfilling where we pitch each other on which video will work and which video we need to be making,” ” he states. It is a procedure of conceptualizing concepts while likewise encouraging each other about them.

““ It ’ s not truly someone calling the shots; we work as an organism together. Similar To Eddie Brock has his venom, I have actually Niyu to be here by my side,” ” states Abhiraj.

In regards to arranging the material, a few of the videos are timed on the basis of the calendar such as occasions and birthdays, while others are arbitrarily chosen such as believed experiments and attending to concerns that appear in individuals’’ s minds.

Abhiraj states that moving forward, they wish to dissociate themselves from news material as it is difficult for them to cover anything and whatever that takes place every day. Both have an interest in making more academic and documentary format videos, which are ageless.

““ Ultimately, we attempt to make videos where we have some sort of an option, a real option from our heart so that total we can reside in a much better world,” ” states Abhiraj.

In addition to that, Abhiraj discusses that they would wish to highlight stories of people who have actually lived their life as an option to a specific element. They mean on taking a trip more and conference motivating individuals and telling their stories to the world.

Commenting on their distinctions, the duo state that they wear’’ t battle when it pertains to material. Niyu states they have their own imaginative distinctions, however everything gets resolved through ideas and conversations. Apart from that, they understand each other rather well as they have actually been together for 10 years and for this reason the modification is extremely smooth.

In the rapid-fire round of the interview performed by YourStory’’ s Influencers Inc, Abhi and Niyu share their fond memories, preferred developers, and other fascinating realities.

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