Woman Thinks Her Boyfriend Needs To Get Over His Cat Being Put Down: Reddit Thread

Hi friends! It’s another day, and another opportunity to remind anyone who isn’t already one of our pawsome readers: Losing a pet is really hard, be nice to people when they’re grieving! Sadly, not everyone understands this fundamental truth. Today we have the story of a woman who recently lost her great aunt, very unfortunate, and is fully working on helping her family during this difficult time. Her boyfriend also suffered the loss of his childhood pet cat and has been very sad about it. This woman cannot accept why her boyfriend isn’t helping her more, and why he can’t get over his own loss faster despite  his explicitly stated grief. 

Here’s a pet tip: don’t disregard a pet loss or other trauma regarding a pet, many people view their pets as their family and will be very upset at you for being so insensitive. Not to mention the brutal legal battles over a cat that we’ve sadly seen play out. The woman in this story asked if she was the a-hole because of her attitude toward the pet, but you’ll have to scroll down to read exactly what people had to say about this:


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