Work From Home Monitoring Software

The latest Work from Home monitoring software promises to let managers monitor employees without them even knowing. The company says it will never monitor any employee or reveal any information. They promise that the tools can be used to track their whereabouts at all times and that the monitoring will not impact their personal e-mails. However, there are some drawbacks to this kind of monitoring. Some of the features that the software claims to have are not actually available.

A work from home monitoring tool like will take regular screenshots of an employee’s screen and keep track of their internet activities. Most of the tools also include email tracking, which is useful if an employee isn’t in the office all the time. These tools are often part of project management platforms, which are designed to keep track of all information pertaining to a particular project. Some of them will try to combine these features into a single application.

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Posted by wethreesixty is an award winning employee monitoring software that provides factual workplace analytics in real time to increase employee productivity.

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