Yiiiikes: Fans Allege That Lil Baby Flaunting His Rapper Babymama-ship With Jayda Cheaves Triggered Saweetie SHADE—But There’s THIS

True or false???

Some fans think shots were fired in Lil Baby’s direction after he appeared to be having a fun time with his on and off again baby’s mama, Jayda Cheaves, but is it true?

Although the famous pair have not officially confirmed they are back in a relationship, Baby and Jayda are not hiding that they are currently on vacation together and celebrating a friend’s birthday in Mexico.

The co-parents shared a TikTok video of them dancing which sparked tons of reactions. Last year the couple broke up allegedly after Lil Baby cheated. The rapper was then linked to rapper Saweetie after she shared a photo of herself sitting on his lap. Jayda later confirmed in an interview that she “knew” about the two hooking up before the public did.

WELP. Jayda and Baby seem to have a strong friendship and like spending time together, even after all of that drama. But did this video piss someone off?


Lol he such a good learner

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The Shaderoom shared a seemingly cryptic series of Instagram posts from Saweetie after Jayda and Baby shared their TikTok fun. Previously, Saweetie and Lil were rumored to be sneaky links — although Lil Baby tried to shut down the chatter. 

In her posts, Saweetie shared a video of her DJ singing “Back 2 the Streets” with the words “and the message today is!” added to the clip. Next, she appears to give someone a middle finger.

Does this look like a subliminal shot from Saweetie to Lil Baby to YOU?

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Saweetie fans are coming to her defense and alleging that the posts Saweetie shared happened BEFORE the news broke about Baby and Jayda allegedly rekindling their romance. They also think the Icy Girl can’t possibly be worried about the rapper allegedly rekindling his romance with his ex.

wait not y’all thinking saweetie out here worried bout jayda & lil baby 😭 y’all crazy.

— mayaa👑 (@9shxt) January 31, 2022

Y’all jayda fans are so weird and corny.. saweetie posted that shit early before that video of lil baby and jayda y’all bitches just mad that a real bad bit had jayda dumb ass shook

— ahh (@christie12567) January 30, 2022

Don’t understand why people are talking about Saweetie. Saweetie probably had her fun with him and moved on. Baby ain’t a prize at all, he doesn’t even respect Jayda.

— 🦋 (@bxirama) January 31, 2022

What do YOU think Saweetie’s InstaStories were about?

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