‘You are the reason for their business’: Hooters worker demands fair wages in viral TikTok

 tiktoker and hooters lady requesting for a reasonable wage

A TikToker and Hooters worker has actually called out the dining establishment for the method it pays its personnel, particularly Hooters Girls .

TikToker @nochurchservice published the video Sept. 19, amassing over 171,000 views, requesting $8 an hour with a 15% gratuity on tables bigger than 6.

” Hey Hooters!” a text overlay on the video checks out. “I saw you earned a profit of 500 million this year! And in between 100 million-500 mill typical every other year. Which’s very cool! The ladies, who are your primary tourist attraction make 2.13 an hour and rely on pointers. In our guides you state ‘we are not simply performers however waitresses’ and we bus and established for opening and closing, for essentially totally free. Let’s talk.”


According to research study business Inc Fact , Hooters’ yearly profits is in between $100 million and $500 million. In August, Business Insider reported that the chain’s sales were “much better than ever.”

The TikToker likewise stated that while working for Hooters, makeup, hair and uniforms should be beautiful and spent for by the women themselves.

She has actually considering that published extra videos about operating at Hooters, mostly concentrating on the variation she has actually explained in between what the business makes and what it pays its employees.


Commenters have actually mainly revealed assistance for @nochurchservice, mentioning that Hooters makes its cash through their staff members.

” They’re not gon na like you speaking out, however I’m so thankful you are,” one commenter composed. “You are the factor for their company. These corporations are insane.”

” they made their cash due to the fact that they pay you terribly!” another stated. “you made them that cash!”

Others mentioned that the TikToker’s proposed per hour rate is still too low and does not correspond to a habitable wage.

“$ 8 is too low,” an audience composed. “They’re utilizing you as part of the marketing. You need to be making $25 an hour minimum.”

” 8 is no place near to a liveable wage the reality that you need to go that low is frightening,” another commented.

One user composed that they ‘d had disappointments with large tables not tipping, indicating that she herself likewise operated at the dining establishment.

” I when had 2 25 tops back to back (consisting of kids I kept captivated so the moms and dads might consume) and no pointer,” they composed. “All best orders, danced, chuckled and all.”

Neither Hooters or @nochurchservice reacted to ask for remark prior to publication time.

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