‘You heard what I called you’: Karen refers to Puerto Rican woman as a ‘Damn Mexican’ at grocery store

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A racist Karen calls Puerto Rican TikToker @samanthaleearriaga a “damn Mexican” in a viral, brand-new supermarket video.

The video, captioned “This is still going on in 2021,” collected over 299,000 views and 19,000 likes considering that publishing 3 days earlier.


A text overlay states, “Encountering a racist Karen in Gaffney, South Carolina.”

The 23-second video reveals @samanthaleearriaga pressing a grocery cart and reversing to ask a woman behind her, “What did you call me?”

” You heard what I called you,” the girl’s voice reacts.

” What did you state?” @sanamanthaleearriaga consistently asks up until the girl lastly duplicates what she stated.

” I do not need to duplicate it two times … I called you a damn Mexican.”

In 2 additional videos published the other day and today respectively, @samanthaleearriaga clarifies that the woman had actually been chewing out her for putting rice water (which is a non-refrigerated item) back on the rack instead of in the fridge.


Some of the 1,068 commenters believed @samanthaleearriaga was being too delicate.

” Stop beginning shit then utilizing the race card,” stated @kevinramey1.

” Who began what ?!,” reacted @samanthaleearriaga.

Others concerned her defense and kept in mind how typical bigotry remains in the South.

” I operate at WALMART in Georgia and hear racist things from consumers every day,” stated @taylorashlyn02.

” They imitate that in Columbia, SC too,” stated @bg_foreign.

The Daily Dot connected to @samanthaleearriaga for remark.

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